A large percentage of our service calls are companies that are dealing with terrible internet! Dropped connections, slow internet speed, and troubleshooting errors in their networks are the most common problems keeping businesses away from where their focus really needs to be.

Well, Wi-Fi 6 is coming to the rescue!

So what is Wi-fi 6? Simply put, it helps routers transmit Wi-Fi signals more efficiently as well as other compatible devices. Wi-Fi 6, not just faster speeds as in previous generation changes, but a shift to high efficiency Wi-Fi for substantially improved capacity, better coverage and reduced network congestion.

Are you concerned about your currently Wi-Fi connection in your business? Envoy Managed Services offers a free Wi-Fi Assessment Report for our customers to identify the underlying problems with your network! If you are unhappy with your currently internet capability, Envoy MS offers small business solutions for wiring, cabling, set up, monitoring, updates and so many more services to make your internet more reliable and much safer!

If you are struggling with unreliable internet, let Envoy look into your connection and provide ways to make your business more efficient! Book a free consult here: