Envoy Continuity Process

  1. Analyze

    We invest time in understanding the unique realities and needs of your business. This learning is focused on what services are vital to your employees remaining productive.

  2. Prepare

    Envoy customizes a continuity strategy to your organization, ensuring that no matter what happens, profitability is protected.

  3. React

    Experienced enough to react appropriately and flexible enough to react quickly, our team brings your business back online as fast as possible when disaster strikes.

  4. Repair

    Whether the incident was physical or digital, the Envoy team restores operations for the long-term and augments the continuity strategy to prevent a repeat disaster, if possible.

How we’ve helped

“Envoy’s services are designed to address the totality of the IT lifecycle, keeping critical business operations stable & secure. We specialize in solving problems that require a custom approach, addressing issues outside the scope of expected expertise..”

John Doe, Title