The retail industry is becoming more fast paced and more complex from a technology stand-point than ever before. Not only are retailers tasked with managing the day to day operation of their retail business, now they have to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the latest technology and infrastructure to power their business. With that comes the sometimes overwhelming overhead and on-going costs of managing your own IT infrastructure, software and hardware maintenance and upgrades, while juggling all the rest of your daily tasks involved in running your retail business. One can quickly see the situation spinning out of control if not properly managed and maintained on an on-going, proactive basis.

So, how do you stay ahead of the technological curve? Maybe it’s time to consider lessening the burden of managing your own IT infrastructure and turn to an experienced solutions provider that specializes in Managed Services for Retail. As a retailer, you can’t afford to skimp on security, reliability and scalability. Working with a Managed Services Provider ensures that you are protecting three of your most valuable assets – your customers, your employees and your business.

Outsourcing your retail IT management to an experienced Managed Service Provider, you can benefit from the following: Improve Overall Security; Maintain PCI Compliance Requirements;Proactive Approach to IT Problems;Increase Up-time, Employee Productivity;Recover Quicker From Downtime & Disasters;Predictable Monthly Costs;Future Proofed Technology

Reason 1: Improve Overall Security;

A regularly maintained and managed network, servers and point of sale endpoints limit your exposure to vulnerabilities and emerging security threats. Operating systems, third-party software, firmware and other aspects are easily managed and kept up-to-date by a managed services provider. This significantly helps you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to newly discovered vulnerabilities or the need for patches and updates.

Reason 2: Maintain PCI Compliance Requirements;

A managed services provider with experience in the retail industry understands the importance of PCI Compliance, in addition to knowing to navigate all the requirements correctly. MSPs can often quickly establish if your retail business is in PCI Compliance by various tools and processes already in place in their own environments. With the use of assessment tools and vulnerability scans, a managed service provider can quickly identify areas in your network and cardholder data environment that need immediate attention.

Reason 3: Proactive Approach to IT Problems;

The costs of reacting to problems are far greater than preventing them before they occur. You’ve heard that old adage of “An ounce of prevention goes a long way”. This is the case in taking a proactive approach to your IT management. A managed services provider continually monitors your IT infrastructure to prevent potential problems before they can become harmful nightmares to your business, your customers and even your bottom line.

Reason 4: Increase Up-time, Employee Productivity

Provide a more reliable, stable environment for your business and your employees that increases your uptime and improves productivity. With working with a solutions provider, you will have technical expertise you need just a phone call away to help you out of a jam, even if the problem happens after hours.

Reason 5: Recover Quicker from Disasters

A managed services provider that offers data disaster recovery and backup solutions helps you get back to business and recover faster in the event of a data disaster or downtime. Time is money, and in retail, downtime equates to lost revenue even faster. Knowing that you can quickly bounce back after an otherwise catastrophic event, with a managed services provider by your side, is surely peace of mind well worth the investment.

Reason 6: Predictable Monthly Costs

Piecing together all the necessary hardware, software with the required management and maintenance involved can be costly and sometimes unpredictable. A fixed monthly payment for all your IT management expenses gives you higher predictability in your budget, therefore potentially eliminating surprises during those lean months in your business if they occur.

Reason 7: Future-Proof Your Technology

A managed services solution provider gives you access to newer technologies faster, staying ahead of the technology cure when it comes to upgrades and updates. MSPs use the best-of-breed technologies and equipment that are constantly being upgraded with little to no financial impact to you.

Are Managed Services Solutions Cost Effective?

The resounding answer is “Yes”. Partnering with a managed services providers frees you up to focus your attention more on growing your business rather than the on-going management and maintenance of your network, servers and point of sale endpoints. You gain access expertise in various areas that would otherwise be costly to have in your internal IT staff.

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Shared from CK Systems in South Carolina